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2019 - 2023
· Video reading solutions such as volleyball / basketball / baseball / taekwondo / judo / kendo / sepaktakraw are released
· Launch of 3D motion capture solution using high-speed camera
· Launch of baseball strike/ball reading system using AI

· Special Camera for Sports and Video recording equipment, Internet Broadcasting Solution Development
  (We have been serviced the Sports Game Video about 30 kinds of Sports game in Korea Sport & Olympic Committee) 

· The world’s first ‘Sport Video Reply Solution’ which are using for a various of high speed camera is released  
· Korea Soft Tennis Association purchased ‘MachRec-F640’
· Participate in ‘ICT Fusion Sports Contents Innovation Research Program(Daegu Digital Industry Promtion Agency)’ 
  Development the high-speed camera of wireless reading system
· Awarded ‘Excellence Prize’ in The 13th Korea Sports Industry Award
· Award in ‘K-ICT New Software Award’ at Multimedia & Service sw division
· Designated as a KBL Video reading service for 2017 ~ 2018 season with MBC Sports Plus

· Achieve the task in ‘Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism /Korea Sports Development Institute’
  : Video Replay Solution ‘MachRec-F640’
· Achieve the task in ‘Technological Innovation development of Seoul Regional Small Medium Business Administration’ : 3D Scanner ‘Figure Rang’
· Released High-speed Camera 'Mach-F160'
· Developed at first time in KOREA, High-speed camera for sports and LSM (Live Slow Motion, Video reading)
  (Supported Soft Tennis, Sepaktakraw, and Fin Swimming)

· Released Wearable Camera and Smartphone Broadcasting Solution
· High speed camera & Live Slow Motion for sports was released 
· Hybrid type video reading solution was released, which is possible to input of high-speed camera

  and broadcasting camera at the same time for broadcasting and sports
  (Purpose to be a leader in video reading system and service we are on going investment in technology) 

2014 (Major Business has changed)
· Released POV(Point-of-View) cameras
  (Started to supply to USA Market and Worldwide Broadcasting company. 

  We have been developing a various of POV Camera for special purpose and use)
· Released High-speed camera ‘Mach-F340′
· Released HD-SDI camera
· Released Full HD Genlock camera
· Released WiFi Recording for streetlam

· Released HD-SDI Camera for Broadcasting Use (Using as a Goal-cam in NHL Stadium in Canada)
· Released Medical Image Recording Server ‘MediRec’
· Released HD-SDI Stand-Alone DVR
· Released HD-SDI Hybrid Image Capture Board ‘HYCAP’ series
· Released 2Megapixel CCTV Camera and HD-Splitter, HD-Receiver, HD-Repeater
· Built ‘Korea Expressway Corporation’ freeway traffic control system, HD-CCTV Solution
· Released 1Megapixel CCTV Camera and HD Video Capture Board ‘HDCAP’ series
· Provided solution for Local Goverment, An-yang City Hall U-Intergration Monitoring ITS

· Released DVR for Auto Mobile ‘MDVR’ and Standalone DVR ‘KLAUS’ series
· Selected ‘Hi-Seoul Brand Project’ by Seoul Business Agency
· Hungary Office established
· Released DVR Video Capture Board ‘XED’ series
· Released DVR Video Capture Board ‘XECAP’ series
· The Korean 41th day of trading ‘500 Million Export Tower’ award
· US Office established
· The Korean 40th day of trading ‘300 Million Export Tower’ award
· Released High Performance DVR Capture Board ‘HICAP’ series
· The world’s first ‘DVR Video Capture Board’ developer
· The world’s first ‘Transportable Unattended Enforcement(Speeding) Issuing Machine Sticker’ developer
· The world’s first 'CMP(Computer Music Player /Standalone Karaoke Machine)' developer
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